Rapid Fat Loss (For Christmas “Damage Control”)

Rapid fat loss (for holiday “damage control”)

Across the country now most gyms are dying off, including my own.

Are you one of those people who have stopped going to the gym and promising to sort out the growing waistline post new years?

Big mistake in my opinion

You want to lose the extra fat but you’re frustrated with past results and just pushing it to the back of your mind until after Xmas.

  • You want to lose weight quickly and keep it off for good, but haven’t had much success (or at least not as much as you would like).
  • And have tried over and over again, usually doing well at the beginning, but sooner rather than later their progress stalls so they lose motivation and end up right back where they began.

And that sucks.

Especially when you’re working really hard. Putting in a ton of effort. Sticking to your plan. And doing everything that “should” work but, for some reason, isn’t.

And the holidays can make it even worse because you’re surrounded by tons of “bad” food and you want to relax and enjoy yourself and have some but you control yourself and don’t go overboard…

But somehow you still gain weight and feel bloated and uncomfortable. And all your effort seems like it was for nothing.

And so the cycle continues….

Well I may have the answer to your holiday dilemma

Why not aim to eat clean and exercise over the next few weeks to try and shift those extra pounds before the Xmas celebrations, that way you’ll be on an even footing once January rolls around?

And you can have a guilt free Christmas whilst eating your turkey dinner.

Sounds simple and its exactly what I do each year…

It’s a question that I get asked every year and is the inspiration for this article

What do you do during the christmas season?

Exactly what I just said above

I’ll eat super clean the weeks leading up to the Xmas break even do a mini diet just to drop a few pounds of body fat.

I also keep training leading up to the Xmas break and through the Xmas break. Its only 1 hr. 5 times per week!

Eat my diet to 80% but then just eat whatever else I want to on top during the Xmas break. Having a week at 80% adherence makes no difference to my body fat levels, but it allows me to relax and be guilt free.

So what should you guys do?

I know most of you wont train over Xmas so you need to put the extra effort in with your diet now, get yourself on a mini diet for the next 4 weeks, try and drop 7-10lbs of body fat.

This is an easy target to hit, especially if you are one of these that give up a healthy lifestyle for christmas and have found yourself doing nothing.

This is easily achievable with 3x 30-minute sessions of heavy weight training combined with metabolic workouts such as Tabatas and eating a caloric deficit meal plan.

So rather being like most people over christmas and get really anxious with your food. And have trouble enjoying the christmas period. And end up gaining a bunch of weight even thought you have done your best to stay on track.

Get yourself on to our 28 day Rapid Fat lose program

It’s a no-nonsense manual and group-training program.

No theory or boring lectures or blah blah blah.

Just clear, straight forward, explicit instructions explaining exactly what you need to do (and how you need to do it) in order to lose at least 7 – 14lbs in the next 28 days.

Covers your weight training workouts with our instructors (3 sessions per week)

Your full and complete varied 28-day nutrition plan (every calorie taken care of)

Extra home cardio sessions if required

Full 28 day coaching program to keep you on track and remind you why you’re doing this program.

I am not keeping this offer on for long as spots are starting to fill up fast

Usual price for something like this would be £147 but I am giving it away at £97

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The choice is yours, you can be 10-14lbs heavier than you are now post Xmas period or you can take action now with our complete done for you nutrition and training plans and be leaner meaner you over Xmas and be guilt free

And there’s nothing stopping you from appling the nutrition program again after new years and take off a further 10-14lbs

Laurie “Rapid Fat Loss expert” carr








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