“It showed me how to be my best self- Siobhan

Amazing transformation from Siobhan Newman!!!🤩👊💪

This woman’s transformation will amaze you. She realised that with a lot of support and with determination you can achieve your goal.

Meet Siobhan Newman, she lost 6.16lbs in just 28 days and
lost around 5% in body fat.

In Siobhan’s own words…

Just over a month ago I made the decision to do something for me and undertake the 28day challenge.
I wasn’t overweight or had an unhealthy BMI but I wanted to make a lifestyle change to holistically feel better…… and I do. My weight loss in kg wasn’t huge but I lost inches from the areas that I couldn’t seem to before this challenge (the lower abs and hip areas after having 2 children) and lost around 5% in body fat. These are great results but more importantly I feel sooo much better, no headaches, no 3pm slump, more energy, mental clarity and motivation! The programme really showed me how to be my best self and I and those around me are really benefiting from it 😁

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