Are you someone who is feeling tired, low and no energy? Have you lost motivation in exercising thinking it would be just another body builders gym? Have you tried numerous workout plan, but then when it gets to thefood part you binge on unhealthy food.

Then I want you to meet our client Pete Bullimore. 

He feels like his doing everything right and yet still not getting results he wanted and never got the support that he needs. He felt desperate and unhappy and realised he needs to do something.  So he decided to make positive changes. Apprehensive at first to try the 28 day challenge, but after the first few days, he felt so much better and great after seeing a gym full of people all in different shapes and sizes and everyone’s willing to help and pull you through them in difficult times. He felt alert, awake and just wanna keep going. Felt amazing and a lot stronger.

He lost 22.44lbs, 23 inches in total.

He is absolutely happy with how he looks now,  despite of his very busy schedule he still managed to juggle his fitness goals and continue with his nutrition plan.

The team were able to motivate and pushed him to reach his goals. He is now in the greatest shape because of the push, support, belief and encouragement of the team and the fellow clients that he trained with.

“IT DOES WORK!!!”- Pete Bullimore

If you want to transform your body and the way you see nutrition and if you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle change, then CLICK HERE to start and join our team of achievers.