I’m a fussy eater and hate veg!!!- Aaron Wallis

Additional success transformation in just 28 days is from Aaron Wallis!​​​

Lost an amazing 20lbs. An awesome transformation!!!

In his own words:
“Before I started I was a pub three times a week man (sometimes more) and never trained in my life. My motivation to even travel to a gym was none existent. Now I’m fully motivated and enjoying the gym I’m even buying into a membership! if you told any of my friends or family, that in 2019 I would be a member of a gym they would of just laughed at you. Ive even achieved 3x 3.5 miles runs a week . I used to hate the thought of walking to the pub, never mind running that sort of a distance 😂It was a tough start to the 28days especially as I’m a fussy eater and hate veg !!! But after the 2 nd week I’ve nailed it. My mind is fully focused on the intake of food and I’m all over the food prepping 💪💪The first week in the gym was very hard for me as I was using muscles I didn’t know existed , as much as Neill was welcoming , kind and more than approachable , neill was getting right on my nerves towards the end of the first 3 sessions due to always trying to get me to push 1 last rep out 😂and it was his fault I discovered a new term called ‘doms ‘ and could hardly get dressed in the morning s 😂!! But I now cant thank him enough for doing that, it was a kick up the arse i needed ! Safe to say neill knows his stuff and knows exactly how to get the most out of you and your sessions!Here’s to the future 💪Thanks again performance PT and neill Martin for all your help !!See you soon !

Keep up the good work Aaron!​​​

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