“I couldn’t believe the difference I felt after just a few weeks of weight training!”

“At PerformancePT and Performance Gym we’re always looking at finding new ways to show off the results our clients get and making sure they get the recognition they deserve for the hard work they’ve put in! Every week we’re going to try and shout out a client who’s done exceptionally, check back here every week to see if someone you know has been mentioned or (if you’re a client) you might even have been mentioned!”
This is Kim, she said this:

“After suffering with an eating disorder in my late teens, food, diet and body image have always been a big issue for me. After recovering from an eating disorder my main priority was to be healthy and slim but I was going about it all the wrong way.

I would go to the gym 3-4 times per week and do an hour or more either running on the treadmill, stepper or cross trainer. My diet looking back was pretty poor but consisted of what I thought were ‘healthy’ foods such as low fat ready meals and fat free yoghurts etc. There was very little nutritional benefit from the foods I was eating,and the amount of sugar I was consuming in the ‘healthy’ and ‘low fat’ options I was choosing is shocking! I did manage to maintain a slim figure but I would always feel tired and sluggish and it reflected in my appearance. I had eye bags and bad skin and although I was slim I didn’t really have any shape and looked boyish.

When I started training with Laurie he encouraged me to start weight training which I was reluctant to do. I had always been under the impression that lifting weights would make me big, bulky and masculine but he assured me that wouldn’t happen. He gave me an eating plan that consisted of 6 meals a day!! I thought he was mad and I would be massive if I ate all that food, but again he assured me that would not happen. So I trusted him and decided to give it a try.

I couldn’t believe the difference I felt after just a few weeks of weight training and eating right. The training was so much more enjoyable than pounding away on a treadmill staring at the clock and I was shocked to find I didn’t pile on the pounds from all the food , In fact the total opposite. I started to notice small changes in my body shape and huge changes in my mood and appearance. My energy levels were better than ever and I wasn’t constantly hungry in between meals like before. It was so nice to have someone like Laurie with such expertise on hand, so any training or diet queries I had he would be there to adjust or explain why, what and how. After a year of weight training I decided to take it to the next level and compete in a bikini show. Once again with Laurie’s guidance i found the whole experience really enjoyable & I won my first show!

It’s not something I did just to compete. That was the icing on the cake but my lifestyle has changed so much for the better since training with Laurie. I am so grateful for what he’s done for me and  can honestly say it’s changed my whole way of thinking about food, diet, training & even my body image. I no longer feel the need to go on a crash diet before a holiday or have to drag myself to the gym when I feel like going to bed. I have become a healthy person physically and mentally and I look and feel better than I did ten years ago which is not something many people can say.”

Kim is now running our Group Training at Performance Gym & Fitness! If you are interested in getting some more information on the program you can call us on 07498159265 or email heather.performancept@gmail.com!

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