“I can guarantee you will not regret your investment!”

“At PerformancePT and Performance Gym we’re always looking at finding new ways to show off the results our clients get and making sure they get the recognition they deserve for the hard work they’ve put in! Every week we’re going to try and shout out a client who’s done exceptionally, check back here every week to see if someone you know has been mentioned or (if you’re a client) you might even have been mentioned!”

This is Tom, he said this:

“As a professional working in the fitness, strength & conditioning and sport science industry for almost 10 years I can testify that the quality of support offered here by Laurie and Performance PT is extremely rare to find.


From working with Laurie the past year I have seen dramatic changes in my physique, notably loss of a large amount of body fat (dropping from 20% to 5%) whilst managing to maintain and build upon my existing muscle mass. Furthermore the shape of my physique has changed dramatically, such as development of rounder fuller looking muscles and far more balance amongst my muscle groups. This particular change has come not just from selecting certain exercises to develop weak areas, but more Laurie’s expert guidance on how to perform each exercise in the correct manner to achieve maximum results. This is one of the detailed aspects that really sets Performance PT apart from other trainers and fellow Performance PT clients will fully agree.


Nutrition wise the Performance PT individualised diet plan is altered at regular intervals, and great care is taken with this to ensure body fat is reduced whilst muscle mass can still be maintained and developed. This is key as so many people make drastic dietary changes with the result of losing hard earned muscle mass.


My improvements since working with Performance PT have led me to progress within natural bodybuilding from competing in the novice class at regional level to placing top 3 in the UK light-heavyweight open class in the space of 1 year!


Important to note is not only the physique transformation that you benefit from working with Laurie but also the increased knowledge about nutrition, supplementation and training and what works for your body, as each Performance PT nutrition and training plan is highly individualised. All tools that an individual can use independently in the future to ensure long-term physique and fitness development.


If you are currently undecided about committing to performance PT then , the results speak for themselves!”


Dr Tom Gee

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science

UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach

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