I am now the leanest I have been for years!- Rick Blenkin

🔥Another 28 Day Challenge Success Transformation is Rick Blenkin🔥

Lost a total of 12.32lbs in the 28 day challenge and counting.

In his own words:

After losing motivation to go to the gym and gaining weight I used the 28 day challenge to start my journey back to fitness. The eating plans were easy to follow and enough to keep cravings to a minimum. The training session were great with a variety of free weights and circuit programs. Full support was given from the PT to get the most out of each class. I am now the leanest I have been for years and feel a lot better about my physique and appearance . I strongly recommend the 28 day challenge for anybody wishing to make a positive change in their lifestyle. I am looking forward to continue my journey with the team on the long term plans.

Such an admirable inspiration!!! Well done, Rick! Keep it up! 👏👏👏

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