DO IT ! You will not regret it!!!- Scott Castlelow

The best way to see what we are really all about it hear from some of the people that have taken on the 28 Day Challenge! Scott’s transformation can be used as a motivation & hope can inspire you to make the best decision to take on to your health and fitness to the next level!

🔥Another 28 Day Challenge Success Transformation is Scott Castlelow🔥

He always wanted to be in better shape and finally made the decision to smash it since he is not getting any younger.

Scott has been trying to lose weight on his own for a while now and it was making slow progress. His been called names by his friends all be it jovially as being “fat, he knows it’s all banter but eventually it does start to get him down and he realises he  is not getting any younger, he is now nearly 40 and had been having lower back issues and that he had weight that needed to be lost. The start of his 28 day journey was an undecided one, lots of um’ing had ah’ing on whether to join or not join. The final straw and the turning point was because of his daughter, as brutally honest as kids are, it gave him the final kick up the backside he needed. When he caught her laughing. When asked what she was laughing at she said because when I was laughing my belly was jigging. So that was it, the start of his 28 day journey.

Lost a total of 19.36lbs in the 28 day challenge and counting.

I loved every minute of it. Now it has come to an end I am already missing my 6:30am gym sessions. I always knew the first week was going to have the biggest impact but even so by the first Saturday I was a little sceptical as to if/how much weight I have lost, all that was blown out of the water once I saw that I had lost 3.8kg in the first 5 day. FIVE DAYS!! From that point in I was hooked and was on it every day. I must admit the second weigh in had me a little disappointed when I had only lost 1.4kg but my work friends were encouraging me day in day out saying how impressed there were with how I was sticking to it all when they would have failed in the first week. This picked me up and kept me going and the weekly comments of how much better I looked and could already see id lost some weight.

I think the sceptical side of me came from the fact I was already fairly active doing 3 cardio gym sessions per week without much results but in the end it’s always down to what you put into your body and with the Performance PT guys showing us all the right way to eat, well the results speak for themselves. I am now 8.8kg (19.37lbs) lighter, with a personal target of losing another 7kg. Due to work commitments this journey I am going to have to take on my own but I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge, DO IT ! You will not regret it.”

Such an admirable inspiration!!! Well done, Scott! Keep it up! 👏👏👏

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