Dad Bod Destroyer!!!

Additional success transformation in just 28 days is from Robert Smith​​​
Lost an amazing 9lbs.

An awesome result!!!🥗🏋️‍♀️

In his own words:

For the last 28 days, I’ve completely changed my diet and exercised more than I have done in a long time as I took part in the Performance Gym & Fitess 28 day challenge.

As a result, I’ve lost 9lb’s in the process. Not quite the stone target I’d set myself but it’s the springboard I needed to continue a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight. (I did lose 4lb prior to my initial weigh in though but can’t count that 😩)

The first photo was taken 17th August and the second, this morning.

The team at Performance Gym & Fitness are incredible offering advice, support and at times, some tough love. The community surrounding you were also all equally as supportive as you’re going through the same challenge together. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to alter their mindset towards a healthier and happier life.

Keep up the good work Robert!​​​
Imagine where you will be in the years to come!!